Canvas: Art & Ideas

Frontyard, Garage Barbershop, The Long Paddock, Kim Dalton, Nyngan Show // Canvas: Art & Ideas with Abdul Abdullah, Nat Randall and David Capra.

In this episode we are joined by New Landscapes Institute’s Joni Taylor to discuss The Long Paddock exhibition at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery with exhibiting artists Grandeza. We talk about the community-focused, Marrickville-based organisation Frontyard, and Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) and Blacktown Arts Centre project Garage Barbershop at Blacktown Art Centre. We chat to former Director of ABC TV Kim Dalton talks about his latest Platform Papers on the ABC and Australia’s Screen culture. Plus, we cross to Nyngan Show to chat with Bob Deacon. Tracks by Big Ego Books.

Have a listen to the show here.